Polycarbonate roller shutter – transparent roller shutter

GNS rullakaihdin

The fully closed facade surface ensures optimal burglary protection for all types of wall and facade openings. The crystal-clear polycarbonate sheets that this product is made of make it multiple times stronger than steel. Kokema’s roller shutters have a slim-profile, neutral design, making them well suited for a variety of building fronts. They feature a UV resistant coating, ensuring unobstructed visibility for many years to come.

The roller shutters are constructed of several separate panels, which ensures quick, easy and cost-effective maintenance in the event of damage. The shutters combine modern design with good, old-fashioned burglary protection.

The perfect way to protect wall and facade openings without compromising on visibility:

  • Excellent visibility due to crystal clear polycarbonate
  • Offer a transparent view of more than 70 percent
  • Stylish contemporary design
  • Solid construction with anodised aluminium profiles
  • Suitable for burglary protection
  • Well suited for a variety of buildings and systems

Technical information: GNS_roller_shutter.pdf