Over 40 years of stylish security!

Over 40 years of stylish security!

Manufacture of high-quality roller doors in Kokemäki

Kokema Oy has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality aluminium roller doors and roller shutters as well as security bars. The Rullari product family also includes steel scissor gates and aluminium tambour shutters for furniture. Choose Rullari for effective service and solutions, even for demanding applications.

Design and installation services all over Finland

We provide design and installation services, also as extensive turnkey deliveries. Our installation team installs, for example, roller doors, roller shutters and the rest of our functional solutions all around Finland. We also carry out installation work outside of Finland. When the installation is performed by a professional who knows the product’s special characteristics, the installation is precise and fast.

Durable solutions for demanding applications

The Rullari products are manufactured in compliance with the Construction Products Directive EN 13241-1 and are therefore CE-marked. Rullari burglary protection products are manufactured in compliance with the EN 1627 burglary protection standard, they have been tested by VTT Expert Services Ltd, and they are approved and classified by Finance Finland. Continuous product development, quality control and flexible deliveries guarantee that the Rullari products meet the needs of applications which not only require high quality, but also functionality in special circumstances, for example.

The Rullari product family includes both electrically and manually operated products which can be equipped with separate mechanical locks and automated systems.

Ask for more information!

Kokema Oy will gladly help you with any questions related to our products. Our extensive experience in manufacturing various roller doors guarantees our capability to finish any application. See our contact details and ask for more information!

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Roller shutters

Popular for various types of serving lines, customer service desks and kiosks.

Roller doors

For secure enclosure of offices, shops, restaurants and parking halls, for example.

Industrial roller doors

CE-marked industrial doors even for demanding applications; halls, loading docks etc.

Scissor gates

The handy scissor gates are an excellent choice for dividing both small and large spaces.

Vertical roller shutters

The descending curtain-type shutters are manufactured to fit the provided dimensions precisely.

Tambour shutters

The reliable and impressive tambour shutters can be used both indoors and outdoors.


FoldingPACK -folding shutter